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30th Jan, 2010

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     We did more sweeping at the church this morning. There were 8 of us. John Kiers said it had to be very clean with every plaster blob scraped off because they will be laying tiles next week in the hall and the west rooms. Jack was still installing plywood in the cadets' room  on Thursday to make a space for hanging their woodworking tools, etc.
There was coffee, cookies and squares when we were done
     It was very cold out: minus twenty this morning early. It warmed up to minus 9C later.
    I finished the 13th square of 16. 3 more to go. Woo hoo!
    I baked a yellow cake. We're having coffee drinkers tomorrow. If I top it with cherry pie filling and whipped cream that should go.

29th Jan, 2010

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     Wow, Haven't posted here for over a year.
   Life is good. It's winter. We have snow. Not enough. Never enough. But nice to walk in.

   Jack and I spent our morning visiting a sister-in law, Jean. We had coffee. Mike was talking about buying a Subaru next year. SUV. Very good repair record apparently. With a built-in GPS. Fun.

        He also told me that if we got rabbit ears we could get Kitchener TV. We'll have to ask  Bob, how he hooked that up. It becomes a little complicated when the thing is flat panel and wall mounted; wiring through the wall.
       I'm quilting right now: 3 and a half squares to go and then around the edge 3 times and the binding. We have a small group quilting every Tuesday afternoon and take turns hosting. 
twould be fun if I got it done by Feb 19. We'll see.
      Haven't been on the bike lately but walk at least 5kms daily. I'm trying to get rid of 4 Christmas pounds. Advice is welcome as to how I should be doing that.....
That's it.

7th May, 2007

Wheeeeeeeeee it's ridin' weather!

     the weather is finally improving and staying warmer. I finally took my bike off the trainer last week and have been riding outside. I wear my HRM and try to keep it above 150 while I go for about an hour.  I come home in a good sweat. It's much harder to accomplish this kind of a workout on foot, and I find riding so much more enjoyable.
   This morning I rode to the Thrift store where I volunteer Monday mornings. I store  my bike inside  in a cubby hole at the back.The guys that work there as well usually say that they'll sell my bike for me for 20 bucks.. They think this is quite funny as they know well that  I'm quite attached to my Trek. and it's worth a lot more.
 Tomorrow I hope to bike with my CRC buddy, Diane. Of course we will finish the ride at a Tim's and catch up on the latest..

6th May, 2007

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      Today;  my very first journal entry. Ever. It's a little scary. Who can read this stuff? 
    My sister Nellie and husband Alex visited from Friday night til this morning when we left for church. They were going  to St Thomas to visit  friends. Nellie showed great interest in my C2C Scrapbook/photo journal which was nice for me. It took me until just last month to finally complete it and I'm so glad to be done with it, considering that it's a year and a half since I finished the tour.
     Jack and I can't wait til the blackflies are gone up north so that we can start building our bunkie at the cottage.
    If anyone is interested in reading about the life of interns, I have a good book for you It won the Scotiabank Giller prize. It's: "Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures" by Vincent Lam.

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